Interview with PD Alleva

PD Alleva

Hey Paul! How’s our new reality treating you these days?

Crazy days as usual. Life is truly a roller coaster.

Oh I hear ya! It’s been non stop over here as well. So it’s been a big year so far for you though. The Rose is out in the world. How does that feel?

It feels awesome. Working on this project for so long and finally seeing it come to fruition has been stellar to witness. Sales have been good and steady and we made number one new release in the classic science fiction category and I keep seeing great reviews from readers. reviews have been spectacular. I’m so glad that people are enjoying the book and the story.

That’s awesome. Really glad it’s working out for you. So for anyone in our community that hasn’t picked it up yet, let them know a bit about the book and why it should be their next click!

The rose volume one is a dystopian science fiction action thriller that features a sophisticated although primal species of alien vampires who live in hollow earth and have conspired with grey aliens and elite human beings to turn the human population into easily controlled zombies in an effort to achieve planetary and interstellar domination. The book is a nonstop action adventure from cover to cover That takes place directly after World War III In an underground medical complex where the aliens are performing genetic experimentation on human beings. The story follows an unsuspecting World War III safety camp survivor Sandy Cox who awakens in the underground medical complex and soon discovers that aliens do exist. At the same time a human rebel freedom fighter, Phil, is tasked with finding Sandy and bringing her to Atlanta to meet with the leader of the rebellion Robyn winter. In order to survive both Phil and Sandy are joined by a crew of rogue soldiers and together they battle their way through alien vampires, telekinetic skull splitting gray aliens, werewolves, and giants in order to survive.

I should also mention that the book is quite graphically gory and does contain elements of horror. One cannot write a book about alien vampires and not have it be filled with blood thirsty gore.

Awesome! Sounds like a classic. So when did you know you wanted to be a writer, and describe some of the journey that led to your first published work.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a writer. I started writing short stories when I was in second grade. The earliest story I remember writing was about a escaped monstrous hamster who terrorizes a bunch of kids at school. I wrote my first full length novel when I was 12 years old which was inspired by a dream that I had as well as dungeons and dragons and the hobbit. My first published book is indifference, which is a novel about a mis diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic who discovers that he has the powers to heal others. As a writer I’ve always dabbled in different genres and as a reader I enjoy all forms of literature but I’m a classic lit type of guy at heart. Indifference is my psychological thriller literary coming-of-age type of novel. I actually re-wrote this book 3 different times in order to get it just perfect and where I wanted it. It was published in 2011. Since then I’ve published another four books ranging from dark fantasy, dark fiction, metaphysical family saga and I even wrote a self-help philosophy book titled let your soul evolve. I should also mention that I am a hypnotist and behavioral therapist which is where let your soul evolve came from. The rose volume one is my first science fiction novel.

That’s cool. I also had a psychotherapy certificate at one point and studied Hypnosis. Cool parallel.


So do you write with a particular audience in mind or do you basically write for yourself and hope people come along for the ride?

Both. I’m definitely writing for myself and feeding my own ego and imagination but I’m also writing for sci-fi fans, vampire lovers, and I do enjoy including alien theories that I hope will satisfy my ancient alien comrades.

How much of yourself and people in your own personal life make it into the characters you write?

Very little, I’d say about 20%. I like to keep things as neutral in my characters as possible. Although if someone really ticks me off in real life I won’t hesitate to toss them into the book so I can cut their head off after appropriate torture.

I’ve been written into a couple of books so far but so far I’ve survived. I actually enjoy being able to take people in my life and use their traits in books. Cider of Legend is based on my wife and I.

Nice. The novel that does include more of myself and family than any other would be Presenting the marriage of Kelli Anne and Gerri Denemer, which is a dark fantasy novel. When my wife went to read it she had to put it down because she felt it hit to close to home, although I didn’t see it in the same light as she did.

That sounds like a great read. So what take up most of your time when you aren’t writing?

Kids, reading, meditation, and hypnotizing people. Life is good!!!

Can you recommend some good semi recent Sci-Fi or Fantasy for our community?

Yes definitely. Definite recommendation are Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter and Recursion. Two of the best novels I’ve read in a while. Both are sci-fi. I’m currently reading The Sapphire Eruption by IM Redwright. Not bad at all so far. Kind of reminds me of clash of the titans.

And I’ll flip this around a bit. What Sci-Fi media of any kind influenced your own writing?

Wow. There’s a ton of influence. From Jules Vern to HG Wells to old Pulp Fiction magazines like weird tales to movies like 2001 a space odyssey, Star Wars, John Carpenter films like they live, the thing, and big trouble in little China, to the matrix. And I Can’t forget Dune and Enders Game.

So what’s next for you ? What can readers expect in 2021?

I have at least two novels coming out within the next year. The rose volume two I’m looking to schedule for a summer 2021 release. I also have a horror novel titled Golem that will be released in either late September or early October 2021. I am currently writing another horror novel titled jigglyspot in the zero intellect which I’m looking to publish in 2022. the rose series will have seven books. I plan on releasing one book each year for The Rose series.

Sounds like a ton of great stuff to look forward to. So I’ll end this with the same question I ask all our interviewees. What’s one piece of advice you can offer to new and aspiring authors?

Love every minute of the journey. It takes time but it’s worth it. Be consistent and you’ll find your path.

Thank you, sir. It’s been great talking to you!

And you as well. Thank you Michael.

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