Shadow of the Dragons Books 1-3 Review by SJ Curry: Authors in Focus episode 201

JMD Reid’s Shadow of the Dragons series climbed swiftly to the peak of my must-read list, and from Book One I began suggesting it to ANYone who reads ANYthing. Don’t care for dragons? This is about so much more; read it. Not into fantasy? The reality in this series will surprise you. I started reading when I was 4 years old, following my mom in circles around department store shelves with my nose in a book, so I have a lot of options to suggest.

And this is what I suggest: #readreid

Listen to us talk Book 1 spoilers! 🐲

Foundation of Courage is enchanting, daring, and powerful – and it’s only Book One!

If Tolkien built a world for Sanderson’s stories and Flynn tossed in a few plot twists, I don’t know that it would capture the magnitude yet completely relatable essence of JMD Reid’s Foundation of Courage. What I love about it is that the world is entirely unique, with its own religions, races, cultures, and dissensions — yet I don’t need a glossary to understand it (though one is provided which is AWE-SOME). It is spelled out with smooth ease throughout the natural conversations in the story, and behind every bend is a new kind of creature or magic that would sound wild out of context but completely fits the world within which it resides! And the characters, the build of each personality and relation to each of the other characters… the secrets… the identity crises… the mysterious backstories slowly revealed… enchanting, daring, and powerful! And y’all — this is only Book One!

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Lady Shadow’s Ire is a beast to behold, the kind that is all at once beautiful, bewildering, and breath-taking – and just like that, Book Two is inhaled!

“What if they were just hungry?” This scene is one of many reasons I cherish this series. If you’ve read it, you understand. If you don’t remember, just a great excuse to reread! Reid has a way of weaving real-world scenarios and philosophical intrigue into a mystical yet nearly tangible fantasy world. The magic makes sense, the culture slowly grows in your consciousness without effort, and as you’re drawn toward one side or the other of each character’s inner conflict, you look up and realize your lunch break was over 15 minutes ago and you haven’t even eaten yet.

Listen to us talk Book 3 spoilers! 🐲🐲🐲

Guilt of Sacrifice dives even deeper and makes one wonder just how many layers Reid has conceptualized into this story! And yet, it flows into your mind and envelopes your spirit as if you’re living it yourself… Book Three, lived.

Zai. Just… Zai!

Reid it!!!

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