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This is the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast Episode 55 with Catherine M. Walker.

Good day and welcome to this episode of the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast. I’m your host, podcaster and author of Fun Fantasy Reads, Jamie Davis. This podcast is exactly what the title says it is, a show focused on everything in fantasy books.

This show will cover everything to do with fantasy books. From Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, and everything in between, expect to find the best and brightest authors from all the various corners of the fantasy book world. Plus we’ll add in a few other very special guests as well along the way.

Shifting gears to my weekly update, I’m working hard on editing book 3 of my Sapiens Run trilogy, Cyber’s Underground. As I work on that, I’m digging into some additional re-writes of that pesky urban fantasy series that’s been kicking around for the last few months. I’ll have more on that coming up soon.

Prophecy’s Child is still chugging along in the rankings and the rest of the Broken Throne series is due to come out soon, with Queen of Avalon next to release. Keep an ear out for updates on that soon.

As always, if you’re interested in more information on what I’m up to, check out my fan group on Facebook, Jamie’s Fun Fantasy Readers and on my website and blog,

Coming up on this week’s interview is one I’ve been looking forward to. Catherine M Walker was born in a small country town in Western Australia but now resides in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Not being interested in sports she dived into reading and writing. Determined to enter a short story competition while still in high school Catherine and her best friend started writing. Six exercise books later they both realized that perhaps the short story was a little long.

Being an Author and publishing was a ‘one-day’ dream that stretched back to that time in high school. Nothing ever came of that first book, life moved on. Years later Catherine realized ‘one day’ never happens, life will pass you by if you let it.

Of all the childhood dreams fulfilled to date one that hasn’t been is to be a published Author. Of course, flying an X Wing Fighter and blowing up the Death Star hasn’t either, but one dream at a time. Right?

Read Catherine’s Shattering Dreams novel.

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Check out my chat with Catherine coming up right now.

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