COVER REVEAL: Dragonsgate: Devils by James Maxey

Dungeons! Dragons! Dinosaurs!

Graxen and Nadala are sky-dragons exiled beyond the Cursed Mountains. With Nadala too pregnant to fly, they seek refuge in a remote valley, discovering too late that it’s overrun with primordial predators even bigger and toothier than dragons. Things get even worse when they cross paths with Bitterwood, the legendary dragon slayer, who’s come to the valley on a quest for lost relics. Men hunt dragons, dragons battle men, and dinosaurs attack everything that moves in this epic adventure from acclaimed storyteller James Maxey!

Dragonsgate: Devils, include both the new novel and three bonus novellas from the Dragonsgate: Preludes & Omens collection.


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One Response to COVER REVEAL: Dragonsgate: Devils by James Maxey

  1. James Maxey says:

    In my completely unbiased opinion as author of this illustrious tome, I promise this will be the finest dragon versus dinosaur novel you’ll read all year. As bonus content, the characters have motives and emotions and that kind of stuff. Literary merit!

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