COVER REVEAL: Revelations (Book Two of Shadow’s Advent) by D. William Landsborough

The black clouds over Zezurat are gone.

The angels are marching.

Heaven and Hell are at war once more.

After slaying Botis and claiming a foothold on Earth, Uriel and the angels of Sanctuary, bolstered by the legions of Heaven, have taken the fight to the demon Abaddon. With renewed hope driving them, they now face the demon prince’s unending hordes of demons and progeny.

But Abaddon will not give up without a fight. The archangels and their army are forced to a stalemate outside of Gehenna. With every inch the angels gain, they must accept the terrible cost that victory demands, a cost that will test not only their strength, but their faith.

Faith in their Father.

Faith in each other.

Faith in everything they have ever been told.

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