COVER REVEAL: The Ruined Man by Jason DeGray

Victor Wolf and Frank Barber, detectives for the Albuquerque Police Department, get the biggest case of their careers when a dozen people turn up dead. But everything in their worlds gets flipped upside down when they run afoul of a demon named the Lord of Murder. Victor is horribly scarred and mutilated, turning him into a Ruined Man, while Barber is left to pick up the pieces and solve a mystery which grows increasingly darker as it implicates the rich and powerful of Duke City.

With their lives and souls on the line, the partners must face a host of monsters, spirits, and demons in their attempt to stop the Lord of Murder from getting its hands on a mysterious book with no title. It’s a race against time in the Land of Enchantment, one whose stakes could go beyond what Wolf and Barber are willing to pay.

Will the dark rituals of the evil Purple Gates Group be the ruin of the entire world or just Victor Wolf?

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