COVER REVEAL: The Flowers of Belhame by Justin Fike

The Farshore Chronicles Series

The Farshore Chronicles is an epic fantasy adventure inspired by the colorful, swashbuckling action of Dungeons and Dragons, and the 90’s fantasy greats like R.A Salvatore, Raymond Feist, and Mercedes Lackey. Magic, monsters, epic duels, cursed cities, bonds forged, friends lost, romance, demon armies, and (quite possibly) the end of the world await.

The Flowers Of Belhame

I’m dying. But in Danaan, the cure can be far more dangerous than the disease…

Saving the world from a horde of ravenous Undergloom horrors ought to entitle a girl to one decent day of rest. But that’s not much of an option when an ancient curse is dragging you closer to death with every passing day.

My only chance at a cure is a dangerous and untested ritual, and the only wizards powerful enough to make it work are a council of elves so arrogant they make Emperor Quintus himself look like a humble Vestan novice in comparison.

Convincing them to help means playing nice, and playing nice means dressing up, bowing low, and staying on their good side until all this is over. That would be hard enough in the best of times, but I’m quickly learning that court intrigue and hidden motives can be more dangerous than any blade, especially in a city under siege.

Because Tyrial is back, and this time he has an army of bloodthirsty monsters prowling outside the elven capital, watching and waiting for their chance to feast.

I rode to Shirael Caredis to save myself, but now it looks like my friends and I are the only ones who can recover the secret of the city’s ancient wards in time to save everyone in side. The elves will pay a horrible price if we fail, but they’ll only be the first to fall as Tyrial’s war of vengeance consumes the world in blood, fire, and death.

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