COVER REVEAL: Orcs of the Southern Front by James Jakins

Broken Redemption Series

The half-orc girl, Mikaia Goretusk has been torn from her world and thrown into one full of untold dangers. Her only protector is Arthur Shield, knight of the dead god Saban, once sword to kill everyone she has ever cared for.

The two will journey through Domhan, a world of magic and dark gods, through lands filled with heroes and villains. All to get the girl home.

And while they may never find an end to their journey, together they may find a form of redemption.

Orcs of the Southern Front

Arthur Shield and Mikaia Goretusk are no strangers to trouble and both may be out of their element when Arthur attempts to fill the shoes of an ambassador.

The two of them are caught in the middle of a centuries long war between the empire of Aanfang and the orcs of the Howling Desert.

From the jungles of the Southern Continent to the dunes of the Desert itself they will face enemies, old and new, as loyalties are tested and blood debts paid.

Arthur and Miki will be forced to pick sides in a war that both know should just end, but when they find a means to end the conflict for good, will they make the right choice?


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