COVER REVEAL: Trials of Eschals by J.T. Williams

Every plan has fallen apart. The Blood grasps the Shadowlands. Can any defeat the Great Seer?

More importantly, can they stand against what she creates?

Kealin can no longer be in the sunlight. Weakned and broken, he embraces the guidance of a Vampire Lord and has gained a new furry companion with a penchant for a magic he’s never seen. If he is to help the others, he must learn to control his new powers but the goblins swarming his new master’s lands will complicate that and his Master has his own secrets…

Aeveam has been bitten. In the blackness if the land beneath Mandurlaku, her only hope is in an anxious half-elf that at least is good with a bow. But how long does she have until she becomes like Kealin?

Evurn and Elie are sailing for Eliadel. Evurn is done hiding. If any will openly face the Great Seer and her thralls, it is a few brave shadow elves and their blades. But even this old wizard wonders of what awaits them.

With so many working against them in the already precarious Shadowlands, how can they all possibly defy the odds and piece together the shambles that is the old Empire of the Shadow Elves?

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