Cover Reveal: Brand J. Alexander’s ‘Rise of Tears’ and ‘Fall of Tears’

Rise of Tears

The world of Elerea is dying, and Asahn is the only one who can save it. At least that’s the tale that Old Durn, the tribe storyteller, was weaving this time. It seemed absurd at first, but then everything spun out of control.

A strange new religion is hunting the Kahn Shogal, and the secret to why may reside in the clouded history of Asahn’s people. The mighty Highlands warriors have no choice but to flee into the wilderness of their homeland, but it has become a harsh and unforgiving place as the world withers.

While the Kahn Shogal face danger on every side, their great chieftain is too consumed by pride and tradition to lead them. Only Asahn, heir to the Kah Hrah, has the authority to confront his father in his missteps. But for a son who always looked up to his father, such betrayal will not come easily.

With every step, Asahn will confront new dangers to his people and his world. And with every step, he will drive himself, against all odds, to become the person Old Durn swears he can be, their only salvation.

Fall of Tears

The gift of the Aiune Kah granted the ability to sense the divine. But to Asahn, the mark of his lineage had proven to be nothing but a curse. Because of their ancestry, Asahn’s people were now hunted by the Order of Light, yet to what end, no one could say. The gods of Elerea had been gone for a thousand years, and their essence had faded from the dying land. Yet the Order preaches of a Rebirth, and their priests wield magic like the gods of old, a magic that Asahn can sense.

Asahn must uncover the Order’s secrets and the sinister purpose behind their hunt for the Kahn Shogal before it’s too late. His only hope for answers may reside in the Stonelord capital of Vulgotha Tor, but the ancient city stands behind enemy lines, and the Stonelords and Kahn Shogal hold an age-old enmity.

Follow the second part of Asahn’s journey as he contends with long-hidden family secrets and the divine echoes of Elerea’s ancient past. A choice stands before him. Should he seek and embrace the Greatness Lost, or should the power of the gods remain lost to history forever?

Either way, it can only end in a Fall of Tears.

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