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What Happens When You Die — by James Wolanyk

Death is one of the most illogical things about life. It drives a wedge into our neatly packaged notions of meaning in the world, forcing you to ask an essential question: why would something be born just to die? And … Continue reading

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James Eggebeen and the Ambitious Expansion of a Fantastical World — by Michael Evan

James Eggebeen recently signed a trilogy deal with Aethon books for his “Apprentice to Master” series, a very well written coming of age classic Epic Fantasy about a young Wizard and Sorceress on the run from a magic stealing priesthood. … Continue reading

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The Dragon Illusion by L.E. Modesitt JR.

The Dragon Illusion Recently, I think I’ve seen a resurgence or perhaps a continuation of “dragon books.” I couch it that way because I’m not keeping a tally on how many dragon books are being written and sold. Certainly, dragons … Continue reading

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