COVER REVEAL: The Renegade Within by Mark Johnson

A forbidden research experiment kills hundreds. Four dangerous survivors. A growing darkness with the power to destroy the gods themselves.

All Terese Saarg wants is to hide her participation in a disastrous experiment. Her redemption demands she abandon her daughter to hunt down and exterminate the infected survivors. But when she find them, she discovers they’re more powerful than she was told, and that she’s in more danger than ever. And the survivors are the least of her worries.

Sara has no memory of her childhood. Or how she can weave a secret, unknown energy. When she encounters the four escaped renegades in battle, she discovers they have common secrets. If they learn to trust one another, they can find how to conquer the darkness advancing toward their people.

But one person stands at the center of Sarra’s quest to recover her lost identity: Terese Saarg.

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